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Until It Ropes Like Okra: Rhymes in the Vernacular

Until It Ropes Like Okra started writing itself when I was a kid hanging out on a street corner in Independence, Kansas. It marks my growing up in a rural area of the country and my transition to the city. It is also a reflection of the times mirroring the multiplicity of changes I have witnesses from the Civil Right Movement and putting a man on the moon to my favorite "greasy spoon" cafe and dancing with "Big Mama" Johnson at the "Cow Palace" in Parsons, Kansas.

Until It Ropes Like Okra is a collection of experiences put into verse to entertain, amuse and offend. The writing is intended to be accessible to all. It is sometimes profane and sometimes inspired, but whatever it is, it is all me and, for the most part, true. I'll leave which parts aren't true up to you.  I had fun doing this and I intend for you to have fun reading it.

Hopefully, you are not easily offended, but if you are--then keep reading and I'm sure that I'll offend you even more. This is meant as poetry to be taken seriously but not serious poetry. If my tongue seems to be stuck in my cheek, look closely, you may be right.

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